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When a new Ortofon 2M Blue came up faulty - collapsed suspension - I fully expected my claim for replacement to be met with suspicion, and I would have understood. In fact, I gave the cartridge up for lost. But no! Received a replacement in the mail today. Customer service above and beyond. I am impressed! John

John - December 2016

I had the tweeters of my Mission 753 floorstanders upgraded to Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/602000 tweeters in 2014. The original tweeters were aluminium domes which - although they sounded good - lacked refinement, and sounded bright/harsh at louder volumes. More recently, I have been reading many good reviews of the Spendor D7 loudspeakers and wondered if they would be a step-up in sound. (I am not dissatisfied with my pair of modified Mission 753 at all; just conscious that they are more than 20 years old.) To my surprise, I did not hear the expected step-up in sound when I auditioned the Spendor D7 (it was a proper audition, not at a hifi-show). I felt that my modified Mission 753 were in the same league as the Spendor D7; in fact, it slightly bettered the latter in the areas of dynamics and bass, while the D7 even sounded a little bright at times. To be fair, the Spendor D7 I listened to were not fully run-in, and amplification were integrateds (albeit of Rega and Naim quality) rather than my pre-power combination. In other words, I'd like to say you did a very good job of improving the sound of my loudspeakers. Thank you.

Derrick - November 2016

Hello Tom / Speaker Bits

Just wanted to say thank you for the great advice I have received from you while fixing up a pair of speakers that I love. They sound better than ever! I have just started using you guys in the past few weeks via mail order and one of the four orders I placed didn't arrive. I sent an email, and next thing I receive a replacement shipment! That's great service. Thanks again. AAA+

Bevan - July 2016

Thanks Tom for your expert advice and service. I have a pair of Quadral Amun 5 speakers with Quadral XX 1000 ribbon tweeters that had become almost inaudible. Seemed to be a common problem with the XX 1000s as I had two pairs of tweeters replaced years back when still under warranty by Quadral. A quick email to Tom at Speakerbits who recommended replacing them with Quadral LT 400 ribbon tweeters. Tom advised that some cabinet joinery would be required to install them which I was happy to do to revive the Amuns. Hooked up the tweeters sitting loosely in the recess for a sound check and the Amuns sounded awesome once again. Can't wait until enclosure is fully sealed. Tom was quick to reply to my emails and offered expert advice, and delivery speed was also spot on.

Duncan - June 2016

Listening to my Wharfedale E70s that you refurbished... Clear...clean sound...musical...very happy.

John - June 2016

Thanks Tom for your advice on my Thorens TD 126 Mk II combining the Ortofon Rondo Red cartridge with the Thorens MM 008 preamp and to Richard for setting up the turntable. It's playing through a B&O Beocentre 9300 into Penta 3 speakers - the sound is fabulous!

Steve - May 2016

Thanks Tom and the team for restoring my ageing Rega 3 turntable.

Excellent service, and you went beyond the call of duty to fix the anti-skate.

I would recommend your team to anyone needing repair work on turntables.

Regards Bryan

Bryan - May 2016

G'day Tom and to the team at Speakerbits for giving me advice on my speakers. Tom repaired my B&W ASW 605 subwoofer, Digital Dynamic DAS 140 main towers and Yamaha YST SW 150. Man these speakers haven't sounded as good since they were new. I just want to thank you again for your advice and for repairing these speakers for me and I would recommend you to any one who needs speaker repairs. Thanks mkate. Regards Ron

Ron van leth - June 2016

Rob - June 2015

Just want to say thanks for the work recently completed on my Dual 521 turntable.

I was unsure as to whether or not refurbishing the turntable was a viable option.

After discussing with you I chose to accept your advice to refurbish and also your recommendation in 
regard to a new stylus (Ortofon Bronze).

The result is that I am now listening to music that has great warmth, clarity and feel.

I am hearing more from my records than ever before.

Again, thanks, a great outcome.


Scott - March 2015

Good morning Tom

I took your advice and raised the speakers about 200mm from the floor and cut away about 5% of the old thick fibrous felt underlay, the part of it that was slightly protruding over the front panel and the air vent.

I also switched the speakers, because I had had a feeling (which I forgot to mention) that the left speaker was slightly stronger than the right. When I did so, I noticed that one of the wires from the bass speaker had fewer strands than the other, which I fixed.
All these changes have resulted in a significant improvement in the sound. The music sounds more open, more alive, more detailed and textured, with slightly but noticeably warmer bass, though also (surprisingly) brighter treble. Generally richer and more present sound. So a really quite discernable and significant improvement to my ears.
Of course, I realise some of this might just be psychological - the "placebo" effect - with me wanting to hear an improvement, and then hearing it.......but who cares!!!
However, my partner this morning also noticed the difference and felt the same way after listening to them - "very alive, as if the singers were in the room" - so it is not all in my imagination.
So THANK YOU Tom for taking the trouble to respond to my enquiry and for your advice. Listening to music is one of the great joys of my life and I am truly grateful to you for the the increased enjoyment these speakers will bring.

Yours sincerely

Will - November 2014
New speakers installed today. 
Sound amazing. Many thanks Will

Nadine - November 2014

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you again so much for repairing my record player.

I think I wore out the turntable on the weekend because I was so excited to play with it!

“Songs in the Key of Life” never sounded so good!

I really appreciate you taking the time to fix a much loved member of my family J

Thank you again!



Peter - July 2014


Just a quick note to say thanks for all the work on my Tannoy 15” speakers.

They are sounding great and look good too.

My late father would be happy.

Even my misses is impressed, no mean feat.

Thanks mate.




William - July 2014
Dear Tom,

I just want to thank you very much for the work you did on my restored
1964 Astor Concertmaster radiogram.

The only reason I haven't expressed my gratitude before now is because -
having been told by so many people that a radiogram would "conk out
after a week" - I wanted to reserve my judgment until after I'd given it
a good, sound thrashing.

Even the chap who sold it to me did so with the warning that modern
pressings would "stretch the technology" too far and nothing could be
done to get the turntable to play a record it "doesn't like".

I can now confirm, 2 months, 100 vinyl LP's, 50 singles and 6 shellac
78's later, that it's still purring along like a charm. Doesn't miss a
beat. The music which rumbles out of it fills the whole house. Visitors
are gobsmacked that something so old can pump out such a rich and
powerful sound.

Out of 100 LP's, only 3 new, clean records skip (and those on only 1
track each), as opposed to about 25% previously. Also, the distortion on
the high or low notes I noticed before I sent it to you is completely
gone from all records. Not a bad record (excuse the pun).

It's a testament to both you and the guy who did the initial restoration
that I have such a wonderful retro sound system. Thus far it looks like
I wasn't "buying trouble" after all.

I'll recommend you to anyone who wants their turntable repaired or
serviced, especially the solid vintage ones which nobody knows how to
fix. You're quite the wizard!

You have my permission to use this email for the testimonials page on
your website.

Thanks again. It was worth the wait!

All the best with finding and restoring an Astor of your own. Let me
know how it goes.


Sent from my Telstra Next G device

Jacqueline - June 2014
Hi Tom

Happy, very happy to report that the new released Led Zeppelin remastered album which I had previously listened to with old cartridge set up..and that sounded dreadful (distortion and almost unlistenable during the intro of one song.."Your Time Is Gonna come", which features Hammond Organ only)..is now distortion free.. And now sounding wonderful!

It was so bad to my ears, it ruined the opening passage of that song.. This was what finally prompted me to take the turntable for service..to finally have someone check the set up, and receive advice to upgrade to Ortofon.

Thanks for the great service, and very prompt service .. I appreciate it very much.


John - April 2014
Firstly accept my apologies for being so impatient re the repair of my speakers.
I admit to being somewhat paranoid and worried due to their age (I`ve had them since new). Thank you .
The sound is brilliant and reminds me of a quality missing for the last few years.
Thankyou again,

Mike - March 2014

I don't know if you remember me or not but I came in last Saturday with the two 120V KRK speakers
that I had blown by plugging in without a step down transformer.
Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time and effort to explain to me how to replace the fuse
in case there was a slight chance it was just the fuse that had blown. And also for being upfront 
and honest about the chances of repair, my options and the costs.
I've just replaced the fuse with the spare one that came the speakers 
and plugged it into the transformer and both are working perfectly now. 
Once again really appreciate it, will definitely recommend you guys to 
anyone I know seeking speaker repair.



George - March 2014

Hello Michael

The Anna is a stupendous cartridge in every parameter. Lively, musical and utterly involving and engaging.

Viewed with a USB  microscope at 200 to 250 X magnification the level of detail and finesse in construction and assembly of the stylus and cantilever is unseen with other cartridges. Absolutely amazing.

Thank you for the opportunity to use it as our reference!

Have a great week.

Warmest regards,


Gabriel - March 2014
Dear Tom,

Now it is two days that I have been listening to my Thorens TD 126 after it
has been serviced by you, and I just had to write you to tell you how happy
I am.

As soon as I got home I got the turntable hooked to the stereo and stared to
test it with a varied selection of records I had thought about during the
drive home.

I started with Joe Cocker´s classic "Sheffield Steel". I knew that the new
Ortofon 2M Blue would make a big difference to my almost 30 year old Elac,
which used is a very good piece of German engineering but was obviously past
the time of retirement. The results were AMAZING. The bass was super tight,
the work of the drummer on the cymbals very clear, with Cocker´s voice
sounding just like the last time I saw him live. I moved into Jazz and
played Herbie Hancock´s "Empirean Islands". A jazz quartet like this, with
no electric instruments, has very different demands to a record player, but
Hancock´s piano was very clear and well defined, and Freddie Hubbard´s
trumpet sharp and natural sounding, as if the man was playing at my living

By then I was getting more and more enthusiastic with the results and after
playing a couple more Jazz records moved into the Blues, with Johnny
Winter´s "Guitar Slinger". My wife who was close by said "this is not a good
recording", to which I answered "yes it is, we are just not listening to it
at the proper volume", and cranked up the Fisher 1058 receiver. Winter´s
blistering guitar solo from "Iodine in my Coffee" immediately came to life!
I followed it with "Voodoo Child (Slight Return) from Jimi Hendrix, and
being done with "modern" music went to a recording of Beethoven´s 5th
Symphony with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The sound was very big and
smooth, filing the living room with grandeur. And then the final test: Mike
Oldfied´s Tubular Bells, that old 70´s classic in which in the end of side A
he introduces all the instruments one by one. By then I was very happy that
I had invested all the money I did on this turntable and started imagining
what would be like to have the 2M Black or a moving coil cartridge installed
on my Thorens. Well, it will happen for sure when I can afford it. It is not
for nothing that back in the day Thorens record players were considered to
be some of the best in the world, and the TD 126 the top of the line.

And you brought mine back to world of the living!
Thank you very much


P.S. Yes, I raved a bit, but this is how enthusiastic I am with the results
I had from your service. Feel free to use any part of this e-mail on the
testimonial section of Speaker Bits´ site.



Craig - Nov 2013

Hi, The speaker part worked nicely and I have restored the B&W SCM8 to their former glory, thanks Craig.

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