27 years repairing speakers

After twenty seven years in the trenches, we've seen just about every speaker fault imaginable; the regular, shameful and spurious are all lodged somewhere in our collective memory.

Have your foam surround suspension rings rotted or perished?

Many quality speakers made in the 1970s, '80s and '90s used soft foam for the outer suspension ring of the bass and midrange speaker. Recognised by speaker insiders as one of the best for sound quality, foam's limited life span unfortunately means replacement is eventually required. Most refoam jobs cost between $115.00 and $175.00 each depending on the type and grade of foam required. That may sound a little expensive; we are not the cheapest, but we are the best. For that price you get our experienced technicians who are the best in town. What more can I say?

Which foam surround is right for your speakers? We have for example fifteen or twenty different ten inch foam surrounds in stock. Each one fits a different speaker; we can determine quickly which one is right for you. The installation of the wrong surround by less thorough repairers will inevitably result in a profound loss of bass response.

The correct grade of foam is absolutely essential to retain the speaker's original characteristics; let us select exactly the correct part for you based on our extensive experience.

Have your tweeters stopped working?

This common failure is usually caused by driving a low powered amplifier beyond its safe operating limit. Where genuine tweeters are not available from the manufacturer, we can often replace the diaphragm and voice coil unit from our extensive stocks. Where new tweeters are required, Danish made Scan-Speak tweeters can be fitted or successfully grafted onto your existing tweeter face plates, making the transplant almost invisible. Why Scan-Speak? They're the best and best value speaker drivers available. Simple as that!

Fitting new modern tweeters can in any case also do wonders for the overall sound of a modest pair of speakers. Preservation of your new tweeters is usually just a matter of taking it easy on the volume control; you need to reduce the level only a little. As always, follow the golden rule: if it's too loud or sounds distorted - turn it down!

Tweeter or tweeter diaphragm replacements usually cost between $85.00 and $145.00 each depending on the cost of the tweeter and how much labour is involved in the fitting.

Have your bass/midranges (woofers) stopped working or do they rattle or buzz?

The voice coil may be burnt or faulty, the cone may be creased or damaged or the flexible lead in wires (braids) may be frayed or damaged. We can replace any and all of these parts; there is almost no speaker driver that cannot be repaired in this way. Costs typically range from $95.00 for voice coil and spider replacement on smaller speakers, up to $165.00 for a complete recone. Cones can be replaced in either paper, plastic or other synthetics. We'll try to retain the original cone material if possible, even it has to be heavily patched. This is the neatest way to preserve the speaker's original sound reproduction.

Have your speakers been repaired or "upgraded" by less thorough, experienced or caring operators?

Sadly, we spend a decent chunk of time every month rectifying disastrous repairs to once-cherished Hi-Fi speakers.

We know these operators did the best job they could do with the tools they had. Not happy, Jan. Nowhere near good enough!

If your once-loved speakers now sport cheap dome tweeters, or are now fitted with low cost synthetic cones and sound harsh and nasty, or if you now turn off your defiled stereo system afer a short time, thinking you're tired of music, (you're not) we can help. We can't guarantee that it will be low cost but we can rectify the situation. We have done many successful restorations after the fact.

Do I need to book in? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

We can answer the first question easily. Just come down between 9.00 and 17.30 weekdays or 9.00 and 15.30 on Saturdays for personal service. You don't need to call or email first but you're welcome as always.

As for the cost and time frame, that's more difficult. In fact we'll rarely even guess over the phone - it can be misleading. What we can do is quote you precisely after we've assessed your gear.

We usually ask you to bring both speakers in (if it's a stereo pair in question). Why? We often find faults that you may not have been aware of. Armed with all the facts, you're in a better position to proceed with any repairs.

Call in soon - you're always welcome at Speakerbits.

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