Upgrade or modify your existing speakers

When our chef of design, Michael Vowles, is not working on his private thesis on the history of Post-Industrial punk rock bands of the mid 1990s, he's often found casting a critical eye over our customers' speaker systems with the subversive idea of making them do things the manufacturer never dreamed of. At Speakerbits we take a perverse pleasure in repairing things that were never meant to be repaired and upgrading gear to serve a contemporary audience.

Scan-Speak and Peerless drivers, Musicap capacitors, Carlsson inductors, Ortofon internal cabling and other parts can coalesce into a sophisticated result. With a full suite of contemporary design tools and the knowledge of how to use them properly, Michael can ensure sucess for your speaker upgrade. Call in or call us to discuss your ideas. You're always welcome at Speakerbits.

Many of our modified speaker systems take shape using your existing enclosures as a starting point. Itís amazing what replacing lower cost tweeters with top end Scan-Speak or Peerless units can do for the overall sound balance and liveliness.

Upgrading a low cost or poorly specified crossover network with modern high end components can also make a major improvement for a modest outlay.

Home theatre free zone - Two channel stereo only.

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