Turntable and record player repairs, service and upgrades


We speak the language of the phonograph fluently. (Just not the Sheffield Drum Record though).

You don't have to justify your vinyl addiction at Speakerbits; we understand.

Speakerbits are your turntable restoration, service, modification and repair experts with 30 years in the trenches.

We may not be able to cure a $215.00 a week vinyl habit but we can keep your turntable spinning; we do it every working day of the year. The turntable may be the simplest device in most sound systems but it's also the most elegant, requiring the steady hand of experience at service time.

All turntables passing through our shop leave with a thirty-eight point inspection report. We set the anti-skate dynamically with a blank record, the tracking force with a digital stylus pressure gauge, the azimuth with a mirror (where applicable) and the speed with a digital stroboscope. Most importantly we listen to music on every turntable as a final inspection.

Much of our work involves service and repairs to the famous German made Thorens turntables - a brand we proudly represent in Australia. We keep most available parts on hand to service and repair your Thorens turntable from modern to vintage. We know that many of you have Thorens models going back many decades; whilst parts for some early models are sadly no longer available, every belt is stocked.

These old Thorens decks from the 1960s, 70s and 80s can sound phenomenally good after having had our full love package. We receive regular  emails from sleep deprived clients who've spent way too many late nights spinning black on their restored Thorens TD124, 125, 126, 160 and other models. Check the testimonials on our page - each and every one is authentic. These old decks, close to the very best sounding machines Thorens have ever made, will easily beat almost all of Thorens' current models up to the $5000.00 - $7500.00 mark. Most importantly, the key components in these old bangers seem to last forever; the motors, bearings and arms just don't seem to wear. They were built well then and they're brilliant today.

Recently we've been doing quite a bit of work on the famous Dual idler drive machines of yore. Some of these sound amazingly good and are well worth restoring. Own a high quality Japanese deck from the 1970s or 1980s? These can sound fine when set up correctly. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Servicing and calibration of almost all turntables is straightforward and can usually be undertaken quickly. We're often asked if it is worthwhile repairing older decks from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Many of these old machines were engineered and built to an amazingly high standard that is just not seen now. Phono may be fashionable but new turntables are far from the sales volume item they once were. This means that the level of turntable design and engineering is just no longer seen except in the very highest end of the market.

Check our classic audio page for some of the various pieces we've restored and kitted out ready to enjoy.

Spending a modest amount to restore a piece from days gone by can yield stunning sonic results. Get ready for some late nights listening to your refitted deck - especially if it's been kitted out with a new Ortofon cartridge. We've proven over and over how effective this can be.

Not surprisingly those decks that leave with a new Ortofon cartridge installed sound better than they ever have done. Why not treat your Thorens or any other brand of turntable to a new Ortofon 2M or Rondo MC cartridge while we service it? Your turntable and Ortofon are natural dancing partners. There is no better way to extract all the music from the groove than with a new Ortofon cartridge. Ask us for our recommendation. Got an old Thorens or other high quality brand you'd like to offload? We're always buying quality vintage and high end Hi-Fi equipment for cash - working or not.

You're aways welcome at Speakerbits.

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