Company Profile

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Established in 1998, we are an Australian company specialising in the sale and service of phonograph equipment and loudspeakers. Our extensive audio equipment range includes turntables, phono cartridges, vinyl accessories, complete loudspeakers and parts, phono accessories, cables, loudspeaker drivers and more. We service the trade and the public.

Our key exclusive agencies include:

AM Denmark vinyl accessories

Musicap capacitors from the USA

Ortofon cartridges, styli and accessories from Denmark

Scan-Speak speakers from Denmark

Solen capacitors and parts from France

Thorens turntables and accessories from Germany

Vifa, Peerless and SB Acoustic speakers


Speakerbits are:

Klara Klaric, Luke Lourensz, Michael Vowles, Penny Cotter and Richard Sota.


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